Fears are Illusions

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In Earth’s Spiritual Training School, many tools can be used to develop the God Characteristics embedded in all souls who come to Earth to train to become a Co-Creator God. Fear is one of these tools that the soul can use to build self-confidence.

Fears are illusions. When the soul develops self-confidence, it can walk right through Fear. There are many types of Fears. Some Fears are developed purposely to control a person, a religious group, or a nation.

The Conscious Mind can concentrate on only one thought at a time. If a soul is thinking about Fear, the soul can not think about being creative and making a better existence for self and others.

Parents may use Fear as a tactic to control their children. Such as if they do not go to sleep, the bogie man hiding under their bed will get them. Fear is used in religious teachings; if you do not follow their religious laws, you will sin and burn in hell forever and ever. Nations use Fear of war to create dislike between one country towards another country. Fear is used to control blacks against white, Jews against Muslims, climate change liberals against conservative. If the soul understands that Fear is a tool to manage their thinking and limit their soul development. Governments can always use Fear to control the masses. It is the spiritual soul who will confront these illusions and trust that God is in charge in every moment. If life experiences create something to happen, it is the soul’s awareness to learn the wisdom in the life experience happening.

Some Fears are anchored in the Subconscious Mind of souls; Fears are created when the soul experiences a life experience. The Conscious Mind records all life experiences, like a video/audio recorder. When a soul experiences a life experience that creates Fear, like learning to swim, the soul almost drowns in understanding the life experience. The Conscious Mind records that drowning experience in the Subconscious Mind as a Truth. This Fear and other fears anchored in the Subconscious Mind can be removed immediately, like deleting a portion of a file on a video/audio recorder.

Eliminating Fear from the Subconscious Mind is immediate. The technique called Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites will guide you through the method to remove all fears, haunting thoughts, abused feelings, and ALL unhealthy feelings.

Any Fear, whether created by others and imposed on a soul or a Fear that is developed through a life experience, inhibits the soul’s spiritual development. All Fears stop the soul from fully expressing themselves and radiating to their highest potential.  The soul must always remember that Fears are Illusions.

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