Cleaning Our Light Body – People Who Have Abused Us

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When the sperm and the egg comes together and is fertilized, immediately the gestation period starts, the heart begins to start beating, the fetus will grow around the heart and the heart will be connected to Universal Mind.  During the gestation period, the Akashic Record of the soul will be connected to the fetus.  When the fetus takes its first breath, the soul will enter the body.

We are here on Earth, training to become a Co-Creator God.  We chose to come to Earth as a Master Soul and before we can become an Ascended Master, we have to learn to align our thinking with Universal Principles of Harmony, Balance, Order and Unity for the good of ALL.

Since we are linked to Universal Mind, every experience in our lives is orchestrated for our development, a lesson to learn, a bit of wisdom to garnish, a karmic debt to clear or achieving our dreams.

For our dreams to become a reality, it is essential our Light Body is as clean as possible.  Emotional parasites which are sabotaging feelings of fears, guilt, low self-esteem, any anxieties which prevents us from expressing our soul’s essence in every moment.

The Golden Ones have given us two techniques to Clean Our Light Body the Emotional Parasite Prayer and Clearing Our Light Body – People We Don’t Like.  This technique is to remove all feelings relating to being abused.  In every moment we are connected to Universal Mind and when we experience life and our actions are not accordingly to Universal Principles, we create a Karmic debt which we will eventually learn from.  We must remember no experiences in life are by accident or miracle; all experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind for our soul’s learning and development.

If we have been abused as a child, teenager or adult, it could only happen if we initiated the abuse in the first place on someone else.  It might have happened in a previous carnation, and since all souls are linked to Universal Mind, Universal Mind will orchestrate the karmic debt when the soul is able to handle the life’s experience.

The fastest and easiest way to handle this situation is to with forgiveness.  Jesus taught,  “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.”

What Jesus was referring to is if you are abused and you forgive your abuser, then you will clean your Light Body from the time you were the abuser.  If you do not forgive you abuser, then you light Body will still retain the karmic debt until you eventually come to the understanding to forgive.

The same healing technique applies when we think or believe someone has wronged us.  We hold resentment on our Light Body.  No one ever wrongs us, it is just a matter of repaying our karmic Debt.

This is why Jesus also taught, “But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”

Since all of life experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind, if someone slaps you, you deserved it.  This is why you offer the other cheek.  If you deserved to be slap again, then it will happen.

The whole intent of this techniques is to make you aware of our connection to Universal Mind in all moments, all life experiences are orchestrated for our soul’s development and a having a clean Light Body will allow you soul’

Healing the Light Body

Try this guided meditation is to assist the soul in healing the Light Body by removing unhealthy thoughts and feelings created by life experiences.

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