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There are twelve zodiacal animal signs in Chinese calendar and people born under each animal sign have different characteristics and personalities. You can find your Chinese zodiac sign using the chart above.

12 Chinese Animals in Four Groups

The twelve animal signs can be divided into four groups of three. The groups are based on the surmise that each of the three animals concerned have similar ways of thinking or temperament, or at least the style of thinking and understanding.

Group One: Rat, Dragon, Monkey
They are action oriented and show traits of intelligence. They can complement in intellect and are compatible with each other.

Group Two: Ox, Snake, Rooster
They are deep thinkers and always conscious about attaining their objectives. They are complementary to each other in intellect and habits.

Group Three: Tiger, Horse, Dog
They incline to freedom and have strong sense of personal ego. They can understand each other but sometimes are egoistical.

Group Four: Rabbit, Sheep, Pig
They love peace and believe in mutual co-operation. They can be sympathetic and usually make great pairs.

Chinese Animal Compatibility

Animal SignBest MatchJust So-soWorst Match
RatOx, Dragon, MonkeyRat, TigerHorse, Rooster
OxRat, Snake, RoosterOx, MonkeyTiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep
TigerDragon, Horse, PigRat, RabbitOx, Tiger, Snake, Monkey
RabbitSheep, Monkey, Dog, PigTiger, Rabbit, Dragon, HorseSnake, Rooster
DragonRooster, Rat, MonkeyRabbit, HorseOx, Sheep, Dog
SnakeDragon, RoosterDogTiger, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Pig
HorseTiger, Sheep, RabbitRabbit, Dragon, Monkey, DogRat, Ox, Rooster, Horse
SheepHorse, Rabbit, PigRoosterOx, Tiger, Dog
MonkeyOx, RabbitHorse, RoosterTiger, Pig
RoosterOx, SnakeSheep, Monkey, PigRat, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster, Dog
DogRabbitOx, Snake, Horse, DogDragon, Sheep, Rooster
PigTiger, Rabbit, SheepRoosterSnake, Monkey

Personalities of Chinese Animals


Rats are smart, quick-witted, strong-willed, and ambitious.

People who were born in the Year of the Rat are always called Rats whose characteristics tend to be more quick-witted with a keen observation and foresight. Rats also have a bright and optimistic personality which makes them adapt to changes in any environment and easily get help from others. However, though Rats are ambitious in career, they may not be qualified to become great leaders due to the stubbornness and the lack of empathy and humility. 

  • Strengths
    Savvy, quick-witted, positive, intelligent, bright, versatile
  • Weaknesses
    Lack of courage, captious, undetermined, stubborn
  • Rat Men: Rat men can think quickly and have a good memory. They are curious about everything, get to the bottom of things, and have a strong thirst for knowledge. Meanwhile, they hold on to their own views but seldom have the courage to take action. Men with Chinese zodiac Rat sign also attach importance to the family.
  • Rat Women: Rat women are smart and sensible in the life, taking a cue from somebody’s words or facial expressions. They also take a good advantage of their strengths and avoid showing weaknesses. All of those make them considerate and their families could be taken care of. However, they may lack the ability to cope with stress. 


Oxen are faithful, obliging, persistent, and sympathetic

The faithful character of people with Chinese zodiac Ox sign helps them to get trust from the leaders and friends. They also have talents to be leaders and are good at managing, but maybe a little strict. Oxen like routines and respect traditional ideas, doing things step by step. The persistence makes most of them become tireless workers.

They are likely to be self-made and insist that everyone should do their part while not putting up barriers to others’ work. Although being a little conservative, Oxen always try to keep just and fair, no matter in life or at work, and never let people down. 

  • Strengths: Loyal, honest, responsible, hard-working, logical
  • Weaknesses: Less-talkative, conservative, stubborn, overcautious
  • Ox Men: Most Ox men are mature and have a strong sense of accountability, leaving a deep impression on others. Their good logical thoughts and diligent working make them easily get success in work. However, men with Chinese zodiac Ox sign lack a certain sense of humor and passion in life and sometimes maybe a little assertive and arrogant.
  • Ox Women: Women born in the Year of the Ox are diligent and tolerant. They don’t talk too much, just remaining sincere to be a loyal friend. They are also very ethical and don’t like to break any rules. But sometimes their stubbornness may cause some conflicts. Ox women are also industrious and thrifty in managing a household, ensuring smooth-running of a home.


Tigers are courageous, confident, and with a spirit of adventure

With the uncommon courage and confidence, people born in the Year of the Tiger are natural leaders and they can always bravely put brilliant ideas into practice. They are also generous, passionate and holding a strong sense of justice. When meeting the weak or see anything unfair, the Tigers stand up and offer help.

Tigers are such persons who dare to love and hate. If a friend does something wrong, they may point it out directly. The daring also makes them rebellious, stubborn and arbitrary in life, and thus it is not easy for them to take others’ advice.

  • Strengths: Brave, passionate, optimistic, love challenges and adventures
  • Weaknesses: Rebellious, overconfident, stubborn, emotional
  • Tiger Men: Most of the Tiger men are optimistic and ambitious at work. They are not satisfied with the status quo and strive for excellence. Even encountering difficulties, the Tigers will not give up easily and just go forward. Besides, they never break promises once giving their words.
  • Tiger Women: Tiger women are good at taking care of family members. They are loved by children and can always get along well with them by playing games and telling stories. They also enjoy life and you may find them in various parties and outdoor activities. Rather than keeping alone, they prefer to stay with people.   


Rabbits are gentle, elegant, self-disciplined, and alert

People born in the years of the Rabbit tend to have some characteristics of the real rabbits which are quiet at most times but also acted swiftly when needed. Generally, the Rabbits are positive, gentle and elegant. They love freedom, but once set goals, they just march forward for it without distractions. They are also self-disciplined, the typical kind of people who are strict with themselves but tolerant of others.

Though looking mild and soft, the Rabbits in fact are alert to strangers and outsiders. They don’t trust others easily, unlikely to be fooled by others. However, they do have courteous manners in social settings.    

  • Strengths: Optimistic, gracious, generous, kind-hearted, witty and alert
  • Weaknesses: A little vain, emotionally unstable, easily satisfied with the status-quo
  • Rabbit Men: Rabbit men are prone to be gentlemen but they are also good at pretending. They may pretend that they don’t care about something, however, they do care deep inside. The active thinking enables them excellent negotiation skills at work. What’s more, Rabbit men are family-oriented and glad to undertake the household chores.   
  • Rabbit Women: Rabbit women are highly sensible and approachable. They always leave people with an impression of elegant and gracious, and don’t like any indecent behaviors. They are also talented in business, considerate at work, and can easily find out the crux. 


Dragons are confident, resolute, strong, and proud

Most people born in the Year of the Dragon are full of fighting spirit and strength. They are charismatic, attracting a lot of followers and their talented leadership skills naturally convince every subordinate.

The Dragons may look indifferent, however, they actually are chivalrous and always think of others. But the Dragon’s pride may bring prejudice, and it is also a little hard for them to have the force of will to follow through. If they want to achieve excellence and get great success, then honing the willpower is indispensable. 

  • Strengths: Determined, ambitious, independent, energetic, sincere, and enjoy great popularity among friends.
  • Weaknesses: Easily give up, little willpower, and unwilling to admit mistakes.
  • Dragon Men: Dragon men have high self-esteem and always forge ahead. As one of the best leaders ever, Dragon men prone to be energetic, motivated, and skillful at work and they love to set dramatic and ambitious goals and then lead the team to complete them. They are also faithful and generous to friends and lovers, seldom flirting with others. However, they need more courage to face failures and challenges.
  • Dragon Women: Dragon women are typical feminists. They think women can perform as well as men, and even do better. Besides. They have a clear plan about their future and will be determined to fight for it. In life, women with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign prefer simple and comfortable clothing to fashionable styles. At work, they tend to be career-oriented and creative. 


Snakes are calm, wise, observant, mysterious, and think deeply

People born in the years of the Snake easily attract others for the mysterious character and graceful behaviors. They are calm and thorough and can always carry out a plan from the beginning to the end. Once in dilemma, the Snake can be someone who leads people to get out of the woods. They also have a strong sense of responsibility and have a clear goal, which helps them to reach a peak in their career.

The Snakes are typical deep thinkers who are perceptive and skeptical about everything. In the love aspect, the Snakes are devoted lovers who will not fall in love with someone else.  

  • Strengths: Calm, talented, modest, perceptive, intelligent and have a lot of inspirations.
  • Weaknesses: Indifferent, skeptical, possessive, and obstinate
  • Snake Men: Most of the Snake men have a keen eye in career and are good at capturing all kinds of opportunities to show the talent. Some of them just do business from scratch but they can get some progress in a short time. They are also serious and devoted in a love relationship, and cannot tolerant any betrayal behavior.
  • Snake Women: Snake women are graceful and kind-hearted. They love life and have broad interests and hobbies, especially in appreciating classical art works and traveling. They were born with an intelligent mind and well take advantage of the resources to create strong relationships with others.


Horses are cheerful, enthusiastic, insightful, and considerate

Compared to other zodiac signs, people with Chinese zodiac Horse sign are more lively, energetic, courageous, and enthusiastic about people and life. However, they are not good at hiding emotions and their feelings will be easily shown on the face. But that doesn’t affect their great popularity among people, and no wonder that most of them are fond of joining social activities.

Another character of the Horse is that they do have a keen eye and display strong logical thinking, which makes them easily discover the essence through the phenomena and be considerate enough to take care of other people’s emotions.

  • Strengths: Inspired, cheerful, talented, perceptive, intelligent and popular in social circle 
  • Weaknesses: Overly ambitious, overconfident, and sometimes too sophisticated
  • Horse Men: The lively Horse men always leave an impression on people that they are full of energy. What’s more, they are decisive and seldom hesitate, which makes them gain a lot of opportunities. With a strong sense of justice, the Horse men cannot tolerate sin and are glad to offer help to the weak. However, they spend money lavishly and like to pay bills for friends.
  • Horse Women: Horse women are outstanding among people not only because they have a nice figure but also due to the stylish and fashionable dress code. They have their own lifestyles and are experts in managing time. As a result, they can well balance their career and family. Also, they are nature lovers who enjoy going outside.


Sheep are gentle, calm, upright, and sympathetic

Among all the 12 Chinese zodiacs, the Sheep is the most gentle and soft one. The mild sheep seldom lose their temper to others or become very aggressive. They care about others’ feelings and never intend to hurt people. Their upright personality also makes them sympathetic enough to understand other people’s problems from various perspectives, especially for their friends and loved ones.

However, sometimes they can be very passive and tend to be a pessimist to see bad aspects of things, which means that they need strong support and enough understanding from their friends. Also, they keep alert when strangers step into their domains. 

  • Strengths: gentle, sympathetic, calm, creative, imaginative, sociable, and considerate
  • Weaknesses: negative, hesitating, impractical, and sometimes stubborn
  • Sheep Men: Men with Chinese zodiac Sheep sign always look gentle and very considerate when getting along with people, which helps them gain social skills and manage a good relationship in the friend circle. They love arts, full of imagination and innovation, which sometimes however makes them become sentimental and emotional and give up rational thinking in life. Sheep men do value the family, but they don’t like pressure because that will make them anxious.
  • Sheep Women: Women born in the Year of the Sheep are always courteous and have good manners. They are patient and sympathetic no matter in work or life. However, when facing challenges, they will show another aspect. They can be very solid and strong, full of courage, and stick to their own paths. The distinct personality helps them win support from higher-ups. Though Sheep women are ambitious in career, sometimes they may be indecisive.


Monkeys are lively, clever, agile, competitive, and sociable

People with the Chinese zodiac monkey sign are born to have brilliant minds. They are not only intelligent, smart and always appreciated by teachers and parents throughout adolescence but also have strong bodies, all of which make them perform well in an organization and they tend to be excellent leaders than anyone else. At work, they show initiative and hold the courage to face new challenges.

At life, they are helpful and humorous enough to be favored by people. However, boasting may hinder them to make great success and they need more patience. Too many opportunistic behaviors may also affect others’ impressions on them. 

  • Strengths: Active, quick-witted, smart, humorous, sociable, capable, brave, just
  • Weaknesses: Braggart, tricky, opportunistic, impatient, vainglorious
  • Monkey Men: Humor is the biggest characteristic of men born in the Year of the Monkey, and they always bring a lot of fun to people surrounding them. Although looking like an immature person, they are good tempered and generous enough. Compared to other picky zodiac signs, they can be very tolerant of other’s shortcomings. The quick wit also makes them have a lot of ingenious ideas and they are also good at putting them into practice.
  • Monkey Women: The Monkey women are ambitious, optimistic, competitive, and very confident. They are sociable and communicative, winning a lot of friends. Their competence in career is also brilliant and help them make great progress at work. However, sometimes they may be over confident and too aggressive, which may irritate others.


Roosters are confident, sociable, intelligent and optimistic

By virtue of their outing personality, people with Chinese zodiac Rooster sign are good at making friends or adjusting themselves into a new environment. Whenever there is a tricky problem, they will not give up easily but try every means to solve it. Since they cannot stand lagging behind others, self-improving is an important part of their life.

However, as the name implies, Rooster people tend to be cocky or even arrogant sometimes. Their craving for attention may make others feel uncomfortable. The lack of patience could be another problem.

  • Strengths: Outgoing, humorous, independent, smart
  • Weaknesses: Impatient, boastful, egoistic
  • Rooster Men: Men born in the year of the Rooster are destined to be high fliers. They are seldom satisfied with the status quo, and always strive for better performance. In addition, many of them are gifted with business acumen and could earn a fortune during their middle age.
  • Rooster Women: Rooster women usually show an acute sense of judgement, which enables them to survive every puzzling situation. When getting along with others, they are considerate, generous, and willing to give a helping hand.


Dogs are honest, loyal, reliable, and quick-witted

The biggest characteristics of Dogs are loyalty and honesty. In fact, Dog people are cautious by nature, which means it may take a comparably long time for Dogs to accept new friends. However, once Dogs accept a friend, they will be very loyal to the friends and always be supportive. Dogs are loyal friends, honest lovers and reliable families.

Though being just and honest, Dogs are also very critical and sometimes make a sharp criticism. They are not good at taking the whole picture to consider things, which may lead to misunderstanding and blame their own mistakes on others.  

  • Strengths: Brave, loyal, responsible, clever, lively
  • Weaknesses: Sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional
  • Dog Men: Men born in the year of the Dog are observant and straightforward. The outgoing characteristics always make them popular among friends and colleagues. However, they may feel sensitive inside and cannot stand any ambiguity. The stubbornness endows them the ability to march forward courageously and never give up easily.
  • Dog Women: Women in the year of the Dog are very cautious. It is hard for them to trust anyone easily but they will try their best to help trusted friends. And they care about their families deeply. Sometimes they may be a little sensitive, especially when enraged. But in most time, they care about others’ feelings and are adept at working with people.


Pigs are diligent, upright, compassionate, and responsible.

People born in the Year of the Pig are always diligent and upright and never to be pretentious. Thus Pigs are easy to get others’ trust. Their compassionate and genuine personality make them glad to offer others a hand at any time, which results in getting a lot of good friends. The strong sense of responsibility also makes Pig people spare no pains at work.

Pigs may be a little realistic and emotional, and it is hard for them to detect lies and thus easily be fooled by bad people.

  • Strengths: Diligent, sincere, positive, responsible, compassionate, generous
  • Weaknesses: Easily influenced, realistic, emotional, self-indulgent
  • Pig Men: Pig men are gentle, mild and seldom fly into a rage. Another defining characteristic for men born in the Pig year is concentration. Once setting up a goal, they will devote all their minds to achieve it. And no matter facing what difficulties, they are always careful and handle troubles properly. 
  • Pig Women: They are always enthusiastic about life and they are willing to participate in social activities. The genuine and compassionate personality helps to attract friends and win trust from others. They love neatness and hate things to be dirty and messy. Moreover, women born in the Year of the Pig think highly of the family and love children very much.  

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