Where Do Thoughts Come From?

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When souls initially come to this Earth Spiritual Training School, they receive a Conscious Mind, free-will, reasoning, and the ability to create, while training to become a Co-Creator God. Souls coming to Earth maintain their connection to the Heart of God, where they are nurtured and receive survival guidance, like the animal kingdom. In becoming a Co-Creator God, souls will learn to create, using the Conscious Mind, and inspired by desires, feelings, and thoughts. In the early stages of soul development, the soul is motivated by selfish, sensual desires and thoughts to encourage the soul to manifest their desires during the creation process. As the soul advances and experiences the working of Universal Laws of Cause and Effect and Universal Laws of Karma, the soul gradually matures and disciplines their selfish, sensual desires and thoughts. Eventually, their sensual desires and thoughts become secondary to thoughts relating to work schedules, families, careers, and other responsibilities.

Souls can be controlled by their sensual desires, feelings, fears, and thoughts. There are thousands of frequencies flowing all around in this Spiritual Training School available to each soul. There are radio, television, cell phone, Wi-Fi, sound, and color frequencies, all vibrating at a different rate from low to high and from slow to fast. Some frequencies control the soul like fear frequencies. Fear frequencies cause the soul to vibrate at a different rate of vibration compared to a meditation frequency. It is the soul’s responsibility to discipline their sensual desires, feelings, fears, and thought frequencies, which are not in harmony with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all.

Souls are unaware of where thoughts come from, but the reality is, each soul attracts the thoughts which come through their mind. When a baker is thinking about cooking dinner, the soul attracts thoughts from the Cosmos relating to cooking dinner. If the baker narrows his thinking of cooking meats, then the soul attracts thoughts from the Cosmos relating to cooking meats. This same Universal Law of Attraction works for artists, accountants, bankers, and any other profession. Regardless of what the soul is contemplating, the soul will attract those thought frequencies to self. The soul has Free-will and can contemplate any thought frequency from the Cosmos. However, the soul is responsible for each thought and line of thinking the soul is committed to implement. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is always in motion, relating to the thoughts a soul has committed to and place into action.

Souls,  who embraces their purpose as Co-Creator Gods, can communicate with Universal Mind with their thoughts by asking questions and receiving answers in a metaphysical, spiritual manner. If the question is easy and simple, the response from Universal Mind may be quick once the soul passes the trust factor. Universal Mind will test the soul by delaying the answer until the soul goes beyond the doubt factor. Once the soul believes they are training as a Co-Creator God, the answers come quickly. If the soul’s question is a technical question where the soul has no basic knowledge of the question being asked. In that case, the Universal mind will guide the soul by synchronicity where the soul will get the answer through a person, books, or the internet. But the answer will eventually come. The soul must remain patient, trusting, believing, and aware of their thoughts.

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