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Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanction by the Galactic Council and administered by the Co-Creator Gods, THE GOLDEN ONES.  When a soul comes to Earth, Universal mind coordinates the exact time of birth, date of birth, location of the birth, for the sole purpose of coordinating the soul’s birth with the exact alignment positions of the planets and constellations.  This orchestrated birth of the soul by Universal Mind provides a training plan based on the abilities, talents, knowledge, and wisdom achieved from previous carnations by the soul.  Also, to prepare the soul for the challenges the soul will encounter in the soul’s current carnation.  Each Constellation has characteristics different from the planets’ characteristics.  In an Astrology Chart, there are 12 aspects or houses, relating to the soul’s life’s experiences.  The positions of the constellation and planets determine the soul’s life experiences within in their Astrology Houses.  Universal Mind creates a training plan for each soul based on the soul’s previous carnations.  Universal Mind is constantly altering the training plan for each soul based on the soul’s actions and reactions to the soul’s current life experiences.  Universal Mind will use other souls and synchronize life experiences to either assist in repaying karma debts or creating opportunities for the soul.

Universal Mind knows the purpose of each soul is to be training to become a Co-Creator God.  Co-Creator Gods are creative, compassionate, loving, confident, and demonstrate all the God Characteristics endowed upon them.  Universal Mind will condition each soul to act God-like in each moment.  When a Co-Creator God in training is hesitant in acting unGod-like, Universal Mind will create a life experience for the soul to learn from observation or a teaching from another soul.  If there is doubt or fear in a soul’s creation process, Universal Mind will not facilitate or synchronize the manifestation of the soul’s creations.  When God created, He said, “Let there be light.”  There is no doubt, hesitation, or fear in God’s proclamation.  God knows His creation will manifest.  Each soul training to become a Co-Creator God must also exhibit the same confidence during their creation process. 

Universal Mind also synchronizes the manifestation of creations by the soul.  When a soul initiates a creation in the conscious mind and is complete with his creation, where the soul desires, contemplates different alternatives, feels which is appropriate, and commits their energy to their desire.  Once the soul commits their energy to the desire, the creation is passed to the Subconscious Mind where the subconscious Mind coordinates with Universal Mind on the manifestation of the soul’s creation.  Universal mind will evaluate the soul’s creation, checking for motive, selfish or selfless, intention, whether aligned with Universal Laws and Principles, and energies, positive or negative.  If there is any doubt or fear by the soul in building the soul’s creation, Universal Mind will negate the creation.  If the soul’s creation is in harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all, and in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles, Universal Mind will synchronize the manifestation of the creation, by bringing other soul’s and events together.

Universal Mind may allow a creation to manifest even if it does not meet all the criteria of a creation, as a learning lesson for the soul, where there will be a karma life experience associated with the creation for either an immediate or future life experience.  The future karma life experience may happen in a future carnation when the soul is mentally and spiritually aware of understanding the purpose of the Karma life experience. 

Universal Mind will never create a karma life experience to punish a soul, only to educate the soul.

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