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Earth is a Spiritual Training School designed to give the most dedicated souls from within the Milky Way Galaxy an opportunity to be trained to become a Co-Creator God. The key to becoming a Co-Creator God is discipline.  The discipline of their sensual desires, emotions, thoughts, words, and actions. Meditation is a tool that the soul can use to improve their thinking and listen to communicative thoughts from other Spiritual Beings. All spiritual beings communicate by thoughts in all dimensions of Spiritual realities beyond this Earth Spiritual Training School.

Meditation is an initial step to learn to listen to your thoughts and thoughts from other spiritual beings. There are many ways meditation is taught. However, the teachings here are designed to protect the soul during their meditation time.  When we say protect the soul, we want to ensure the soul that whatever occurs during their meditation time, no harm can come to the soul, and there is nothing to fear, regardless of what occurs outside the soul or what is happening to the body of the soul.

The physical body is a biological computer. As the soul dedicates its meditation time to expand its awareness and soul development, the soul will attract spiritual beings who will want to assist the soul.  Upgrades to the soul’s biological computer body does happen during meditation. If the soul fully comprehends, that they are protected by any forces unlike Divine Love; then the soul can be fully relaxed during the meditation session. Any interactions with any spiritual being, regardless of what the spiritual being may look like, will be by Divine Guidance. If the soul starts to vibrate with fear, then the communication with their spiritual teachers will end.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE SOUL REMAINS IN A LOVING VIBRATION REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE SOUL IS EXPERIENCING DURING THE MEDITATION SESSION.   

  1. Spiritual Meditation is where the soul creates an atmosphere where they are protected from unwelcome outside forces, both physical and spiritual.  A seclude place where the soul will not be disturbed from family members.  A place where the soul can examine their inner thoughts, desires, motives, decisions, creations, and fantasies.  A place where the soul can discipline their thoughts and mundane thinking from wandering from subject to subject.
  2. It is best to find a secluded place to meditate, free from any disturbance.  A place to return to as often as possible.  Find a place to sit, that is comfortable and relaxing.
  3. Light a candle, and center the candle in front of you, but not close.  The candle will play an important role with your meditation as you progress.
  4. Sitting comfortably, rest your hands on your lap with the palms up.  Close your eyes.
  5. Always being your meditation with the Prayer of Protection.  Saying this pray will protect you from any forces unlike Divine Love.  Divine Love is the only energy that can exist in this meditative environment.


I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of love,
in which nothing can remain and
through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself.
I call upon my Loved Ones, The Golden Ones
to remove all energies and entities from my presence
whether they are malicious, deterrent, innocent or ignorant
taking them to the Father for Light and liberation.
The Mother Father God frees this soul
and frees these energies and entities,
and I AM accepts no reversal, individual or collectively
for the treatment of these energies and entities.
We thank you in the name of the Living God consciousness.

6. Once in a meditative environment, do not be concerned regarding the thoughts you may be visualizing or thinking about.  There is a process of releasing any unhealth thoughts and thinking from your Subconscious Mind.  As these thoughts, or images in the mind eye, or thinking occur, if they are negative in nature,  just acknowledge these unhealthy thoughts and images and ask your Loved Ones to remove them.  This is part of the communication process between the soul and their spiritual teachers.

7. If you are in a restful place, visualize in your Mind’s Eye a sunrise appearing over the ocean.  Attempt to hold this image as long as possible. ‘

8. During initially meditative sessions, you may become restless within a few minutes.  This is common, as the body, like an inner child wants attention.  This will pass after a few meditations session as the body will surrender to the relaxation and quietness of the meditation session.

9. When the body becomes restless, terminate the meditation session.

10. End the meditation session with a heartfelt prayer, in your own words, expressing appreciations for the love, protection, and guidance from your spiritual teachers.

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