Third Eye Chakra Exercise

by | Mental

Try the Third Eye Chakra exercise to help you to become more aware of the visual thoughts which are constantly flowing through your conscious mind. These visual thoughts happen so fast, we are typically not aware of them.

Begin counting from one to ten very slowly. With each number, say the number and visualize the number in your inner vision or Third Eye Chakra. For example, say One and visualize a “1”.

Then proceed to Two, Three and so-forth.

Next, do the same exercise but add color to the numbers. For example, visualize a red number one, a blue number two, a pink number three continue by mixing different colors to different number.

You can use letters of the alphabet to keep you interested and amused. You can even create words to compliment your efforts by visualizing a phrase such as, “I am doing well,” also in different colors.

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