To bring awareness on Attuning the Light Body for Spiritual Oneness Through the Teachings of The Golden Ones, to more seekers, I have been conversing with spiritual gurus, psychics and doctors among many others. 

I’m greatful to have the opportunity to discuss the channeled teachings of The Golden Ones to find one’s purpose in this Earth’s Spiritual Training School and to unlock your God Characteristics embedded within. I hope you enjoy our deep conversations!


Tim Doyle 

Plain Talking with Ordinary People

The theme for the Podcast is based on the teachings of The Golden Ones. It is a weekly Podcast where Renata Dunkle and I, Tim Doyle will be discussing the channeled teachings of the Golden Ones for soul ascension.

Renata is a Minister of Love, Laughter & Beauty. Renata believes that we all have access to our inner wisdom that expands and increases our lenses of perception. Renata’s life journey comes packed with a collection of life experiences ranging from modeling to beauty and healing arts. She has been using the Ascension Master Program and embraces The Golden Ones.

Earth is a Spiritual Training School designed to train souls in becoming Co-Creator Gods. Part of the training agenda is to educate the soul on the workings of Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of ALL and the Oneness of Creation.

Constantly remind yourself who you are. You are Co-Creator Gods in training, and you have chosen to attend this Spiritual Training School on Earth based on your Love and dedication to serving God.

Much Love, Success, Support, and Oneness on your Path,
Tim Doyle & The Golden Ones

Latest Podcast Appearances

Meltdown to Mastery Podcast with by Jayne Marquis ND

Meltdown to Mastery Podcast with by Jayne Marquis ND

Join Jayne and Tim as they explore the profound teachings of manifestation and dive into the unique abilities women possess in this realm. Tim reveals the secrets of unleashing the innate power of women as powerful manifestors, and guides listeners on a path to removing fears and unhealthy thoughts that may hinder their manifestation abilities. Prepare to be enlightened as Tim shares wisdom on attuning to the heart and mind of God, recognizing our purpose on Earth, and discovering the true essence of our being.

Empower Your Life Show with Cindy Marie

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UFO… NO Podcast

I had an interview with Ben Austin on the UFO...No! Podcast to share the channeled teachings of The Golden Ones based on Universal Laws and principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the greater good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLiR3zKvgkk

Grandpa Bill & Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle talking about the Earth being a spiritual training school with Grandpa Bill or Bill Holt.

We’re All Psychic By Lisa Rusczyk with Misty Lohr

We’re All Psychic By Lisa Rusczyk with Misty Lohr

We’re All Psychic explores the theory that we all have these types of innate abilities… call them what you will. In this episode, Misty and Lisa interview Tim about the teachings of the Golden Ones.

Empowered Within with Jennifer Pilates

Empowered Within with Jennifer Pilates

Empowered Within is a soul quenching Podcast by Jennifer Pilates. Some of the topics we discussed in this podcast includes worldview and politics, god-goddess relationships, Earth as a spiritual training school and so much more!

American gypC Podcast

American gypC podcast featuring Klaccik Carpenta and gypC. Klaccik Carpenta is an entrepreneur, music producer, cellist, singer from Mississippi. gypC is Web developer, Photographer, Vlogger and Podcasters born in Compton to...

The 963 Universal Frequency by Esther Claire

The 963 Universal Frequency by Esther Claire

We are all connected in this world and I seek to find, research and discuss various topics with people who are influencing and raising awareness on this planet. From mental health, the environment, local community, freedom of consciousness to the unconventional...

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