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We are now here among you

We have returned after many thousands of years to assist you further in your training. Yes, we say training, as Earth is a training school for soul advancement. Until now, the truth has been shielded from you as you were not able to access this information while still in the 3rd Dimension reality. But now, as you can see, the people on Earth are communicating with others around the world so the Truth can no longer be hidden. Each soul is a Master Souls who earned the right to come to Earth, which is the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School for the Galactic Council. This is a training environment for a soul to learn wisdom. The metaphor of eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic to learning wisdom through life’s experiences, which is soul learning. All things on Earth is created by God, EVERYTHING, and it is all good.

All the sensual temptations of the Milky Way Galaxy are here on Earth to assist you in developing the embedded God characteristics stored within the Subconscious Mind of the soul.  These embedded God characteristics stored in the Subconscious Mind of each soul is the meaning of being created in the image and likeness of God. Each soul is on a journey from ego man to Spiritual man, experiencing life and learning to use the embedded God characteristics stored in the Subconscious Mind to discern the wisdom of their experiences. There are no sins, just soul learning lessons. The key to the soul’s training is mastering the soul’s thinking. It is relatively a simple process, easier than one may think. With awareness and practice each soul will start to understand and appreciate the value of discipline thinking. Before we can communicate with you, the soul must be aware of their thinking, the thoughts the soul creates, the thoughts in their mind so they can hear us. Throughout all the Twelve Dimensions of this galaxy and beyond, thought in all forms is how we communicate. This is the first step in becoming aware of who you are.

Each soul will experience many different roles through nationalities, genders and social status through many incarnations. Do not take your role seriously. It is the quality of the soul’s performance in each role that determines the soul’s advancement and development, be of service to one another. Be respectful and accepting of your fellow classmates in this School of Life. There are many levels of awareness in the soul’s perspective, but all souls are working towards their ascension, whether they are aware of it or not.

Finally, all life’s experiences are for your own individual soul’s learning. What you consider tragic in your experiences or observation of another soul, is exactly what is required to endure for soul’s learning. Yes, have compassion but remember, whatever anyone is experiencing is necessary for their own individual soul ascension. Again, there are no sins, just learning lessons and most important be loving to yourself. When you feel you did not rise to the occasion, another opportunity will come along, be ready.

We are looking forward to communication with you in the days to come. Express harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL in the roles you play.

With deep love and appreciation for accepting this challenge,

The Golden Ones

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