How to Play the Game of Life - Intermediate VersionThis intermediate version is based on my experiences of these channeled teachings from The Golden Ones from April 2013 through February 2014. In addition, previous teachings from the Great White Brotherhood, Spiritual visitations as described in the Beginner Version of How to Play the Game of Life, plus forty years of life’s experiences bring this book full circle. Until I received these writings from The Golden Ones, I did not realize all my life’s experiences would validate their teachings and would enable me to share exactly the scientific procedures on how to bring these wisdom teachings into manifestation.

When these teachings are adopted, the consciousness of an individual, a community, a state, a country, a continent, and the planet cannot help but change for the good, as the teachings put the emphasis on each of us as individuals to take responsibility for our thoughts in every moment, if we want our desires and dreams to come true. You see the whole purpose of coming to Earth is to learn how to manifest, something we have never done before coming to Earth.

Within all of us there is a coded reason why we are here on Earth. When we are in the third dimension, our DNA is carbon-based. The density of our vibration as a soul is slower; the frequency of our thoughts is on a lower band width; and the food we eat is also denser and heavier, such as meat, fish, and fowl. Our desire ego nature is or may also be lower, perhaps selfish with more interests involving sensual satisfaction without responsibility to the cause or the effect. Living from ego makes it difficult to take responsibility for our actions: “just give us a pill to make it better”; we lack discipline. When we are ready to migrate to the fifth dimension, our awareness changes. We become more aware, more disciplined, more responsible. Our diet changes, our thoughts change, our friends change, our relationships change, our job and work change, and maybe even our location where we live changes.

When you read this book, these teachings will turn the switch on the coding within you and activate your crystalline DNA. You will have those moments when you feel the “light bulb” turning on and the process will start if it has not already started; but it will confirm that everything you are doing—all the changes that are taking place—are just perfect as there are no accidents in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth.