This prayer is necessary if you feel there is someone standing behind you and you know there is no one there. Also, if you feel sorrow or depressed for no reason.  These are two indications of an Entity Attachment. Recite this prayer before meditating.

I surround myself in a circle of light and an armor of love,
in which nothing can remain and
through which nothing can penetrate unlike Divine Love itself.
I call upon my Loved Ones, The Golden Ones
to remove all energies and entities from my presence
whether they are malicious, deterrent, innocent or ignorant
taking them to the Father for Light and liberation.
The Mother Father God frees theses souls
and frees these energies and entities,
and I AM accepts no reversal, individual or collectively
for the treatment of these energies and entities.
We thank you in the name of the Living God consciousness.


Recommended: Use daily especially prior to meditating