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Ascension Master Program

Ascension Masterclass

The Purpose of this Ascension Master Program, a 28-day program (one moon cycle), is designed to assist the soul in mastering their communication with Universal Mind and the Heart of God.  This Ascension Master Program is your initial step to your Ascension Process. 

Every soul must attune to the frequency of the Mind of God and be sensitive to the feelings from the Heart of God prior to their Ascension.  This is a life altering process which you will use for the rest of your life. 

In this program …

  • You will become conscious of every thought received from your Spiritual teachers, God, or what sometimes referred to as Universal Mind. Universal Mind is continuously communicating and guiding every soul. To receive that guidance, each soul must attune their listening to the frequency of the Universal Mind. Communication from Universal Mind is usually a simple guiding thought. The soul will learn to attune to the thoughts of Universal Mind and discern their meaning.  Thoughts from Universal Mind are different from other thought sources received by the soul.

  • You will learn to be sensitive to your feelings, which is your subconscious mind that is connected to the Heart of God. By using the Prayer to Removal Emotional Parasites before this Masterclass, you will remove both prominent feelings from your subconscious mind such as fear, doubts, haunting thoughts. You will also remove less prominent feelings such as annoyances, impatience, frustration with others.

  • You will learn to disciple your thoughts. It is the first step in this 28-day Ascension Master Program. Once you become aware of your thoughts, thinking, and feelings, the soul must remove all ungodlike thoughts, outdated conditioned thinking, and limiting feelings. We are biological computers, like computers, we must remove harmful viruses and outdated program truths.

Tim says: “Since 1973, The Golden Ones have explained the workings of the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind to me. These teachings from The Golden Ones have come to me in many different ways including visitations, channeling, Ayahuasca visions, and life experiences.

“What I have learned in the past 37 years, will be applied in this 28-day Ascension Master Program. Like riding a bike, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. Once you learn the keys to remove painful truths stored in your subconscious mind, you will continue to use these keys from this day forward.”

Meditation is an initial technique to discipline your thinking.  After this 28-day program, there won’t be a need to meditate, unless you enjoy the silence to communicate with Universal Mind.


There are 4 mp4 videos with a accompanying workbook with step-by-step instructions for each week in the 28 day (a complete moon cycle). You can view on-line or download the videos to your own device. Cost: $99

If you would like to share the Ascension Masterclass with others in your life and receive a bonus of a free consultation with Tim. Cost: $149.