Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

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In preparation for this affirmation, know and visualize that the Sacred Fire of the Altar within our heart is our connection to Divine Love.  We are connecting with the Divine Love of creation asking for this energy to permeate our being and remove all sabotaging thoughts unlike Divine Love.  Repeating this affirmation on daily will build the the momentum of this energy to become stronger, make us mindful of our sabotaging thinking in our mind and remove these thoughts.

This affirmation is to be used daily to diminish all negative thoughts relating to selfishness, fears, doubts, anxieties or sabotaging lines of thinking relating to your dreams and expectations.  This will assist you in reprogramming your Subconscious Mind.

Flower of Light Affirmation

By the power of the I AM presence of God within me
And in the name of the Christ Self,
I call forth the Flower of Light
From the Sacred Fire of the altar within my heart.
To blaze forth from the center of the three-fold flame of the white fiery core
Of my own I AM presence.
Diminishing all  darkness  within
Removing all thoughts, ideas, and beliefs unlike Divine Love
Allowing the radiance of my own I AM Presence to shine, now and forever.  Amen

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