Purpose of the Physical Body & The Universal Mind

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Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanction by the Galactic Council and administered by the Co-Creator Gods, THE GOLDEN ONES.  When a soul initially comes to Earth, they receive a Conscious Mind, a Subconscious Mind, and a physical body.  There are many aspects of the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind that the soul must master before moving to their next level of soul development, their Ascension.  This teaching relates to the purpose of the physical body.

The Physical Body becomes the gateway for the soul to store Feelings and Wisdom into the soul’s Light Body.  Feelings represents the feminine aspect of God and Wisdom represents the masculine aspect of God, Heart and Mind of God.  The soul is always connected to the Heart of God.  It is the Heart of God that guides ALL the Kingdoms of God.  It is the soul’s responsibility to master this connection and always be conscious of this connectivity, in every moment.  It is the soul’s responsibility to learn and master attuning to the Mind of God.  Mastering the attuning to both the Heart and Mind God is performed through life experiences by the soul, through trial and error, discovering what is a truth and what is not a truth.  Truths leads to knowledge and knowledges leads to wisdom.

All souls’ life experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind.  Universal Mind knows each soul’s development level, such as wisdom attained, emotions disciplined, karma debt to be paid, Universal Laws mastered, and which stage of soul development the soul has reached.  All God’s Characteristics are stored in the soul’s Light Body as raw emotions when the soul was created.  Through life’s experiences, these emotions are activated in the soul’s Solar Plexus, the soul’s feeling body which is directly connected to the soul’s Light Body and the Heart of God.  When an emotion is activated during a life experience, it causes a frustration or agonizing feeling in the soul’s physical body.  This frustration feeling is caused by the emotion searching for a nerve pathway from the solar plexus, to the conscious mind.  The solar plexus is also the nerve center of the soul’s physical body.  Once an emotion reaches the conscious mind, it will be converted into a feeling, such as anger to peace.  It takes discipline of the emotion by the soul for the emotion to find its pathway to the conscious mind.  Once the emotion is converted to a feeling, the feeling is then stored into the soul’s subconscious mind and Light Body.

During the soul’s life’s experiences, the soul is always looking for truths, Co-Creator Gods are always evolving.  While looking for truths, the soul’s desire nature will be activated by the conscious mind.  The soul is always looking to improve their status and satisfying their desires. As the soul, satisfies their desires through thoughts and feelings, and learning to improve their status in life, learning wisdom through trial and error, the soul will eventually learn wisdom, such as fires burns and the wise use of fire.  Once a wisdom is learned, the conscious mind will store the wisdom into the subconscious mind and into the Light Body.

When a soul aligns their thoughts, words, and deeds with Universal Laws and Principles of Harmony, Balance, Order, and Unity for the good of all, there is no need to experience the birth-death-rebirth cycle.

Once the soul has mastered all aspects of God and stored these aspects into the soul’s Light Body, there is no more need for the Physical Body.   Initially, it is extremely important for the soul to embrace their purpose in life, which is becoming a Co-Creator God.  Once the soul embraces their purpose, the power of their awareness will give the soul the understanding of accepting life’s challenges, not as a problem, but an opportunity to learn wisdom.

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