I have facilitated meditation classes for over 25 years with the guidance of the Great White Brotherhood. These exercises have both the Teachings of The Great White Brotherhood and The Golden Ones.

Where do thoughts come from?

There are many sources of thoughts that influence our mind.  If we just had an experience, the pleasure or pain will re-run through our mind as we reprocess our experience.  Thoughts can surface from our subconscious as we experience life experiences and we extract from our subconscious our own reflections of an experience.  Thoughts can be projected on us from others, just by being in their presence and their enthusiasm stimulates our own creative thought process.  Also, I didn’t believe in my earlier years, but discarnate souls wandering the Earth can attached to us and influence our thoughts and behavior.  Another source is our Spiritual guides who are attempting to communicate with us by suggesting ideas.  Finally, Universal Mind is one of the primary source of thoughts, providing us solutions to our questions.

These Spiritual guided meditations will help you to understand the origin of the source where your thoughts are coming from.  If the thoughts in your mind are in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all, then embrace these thoughts.  If the thoughts are fearful, doubting, sabotaging, destructive, selfish, greedy or unloving, banned them immediately from any further processing in your mind.

The fundamental principals of the operation of Universal Mind is based on Harmony, Balance, Order and Unity for the good of ALL.  These guided Spiritual meditations will assist you in becoming aware of your thoughts and then you can choose to see whether your thinking is in alignment with the fundamental principals of Universal Mind.  When your thoughts are in alignment with Universal Mind, the thought pattens you are thinking will harmonize with the Law of Attraction which will result in achieving your desired goals.

Guided Spiritual Meditation – Beginner’s Version

There are three exercises in this series. Each exercise has two tracks, the first track in each Exercise is the explanation of the mediation and the second track is the guided meditation.

The first exercise is a FREE gift, free to download and use to determine if this type of meditation will be beneficial for you. If you choose to buy the series for $15, you will receive all three exercises on six tracks.

Download FREE Meditation Exercise

This Spiritual Meditation Series has many expected outcomes. You will learn to become aware of your thoughts, learn to discipline your thinking, to focus, to listen to the voice within, and eventually learn to connect with your Spirit guides.

Music will start each track and music will end each track.  At first you may not be able to endure the complete 10 minutes of meditation, there are reminders in the middle of the meditation sessions to hold your attention. Practice will improve you mental awareness and attitude during your awakening hours over time.