Tim Doyle, a student of The Golden Ones, will share their teachings which include the purpose and workings of conscious, subconscious and Universal Mind.  He will also share the techniques in how to manifest accordingly to Universal Laws and Universal Principles of Harmony, Balance, Order and Unity for the good of all.  You will understand why some of our dreams and desires come true, while other dreams never manifest.  In addition, Tim will explain the technique to stop sabotaging thoughts, harmful karmic experiences and will also share and demonstrate the technique to instantly remove “FEARS and ANXIETIES” from our Light Body.  Finally, since Tim has developed the ability to be telepathic, he will explain the technique on how each soul has this ability and can develop this gift of telepathy immediately with practice.

For the past 40 years Tim has been training to share these teachings.  He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, facilitated meditation classes for over 25 years and worked with the shamans in Peru.  Tim has traveled to six continents, visiting sacred sites on these journeys. In addition, Tim experienced an out-of-body during meditation, astral travelled while in Peru working with the shamans and experienced visitation from many different spiritual beings as part of his training.  Along with many other unique experiences, Tim experienced, demonstrated and verified the truths of these teachings in his personal life, which he is now being asked to share these techniques and teachings of The Golden Ones.

Visit Tim at  His mission is to share these teachings around the world.  If you are drawn to these teachings for your area, contact Tim and make arrangements.

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