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Earth is a Spiritual Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council and administrated by THE GOLDEN ONES. When a soul comes to Earth to train as a Co-Creator God, its God-embedded characteristics are activated. These God Characteristics will activate the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, Emotions, and Free will.

The Conscious Mind has many capabilities. Some of the main capabilities are..

1. Audio and Recording Capabilities – Recording every moment the soul is experiencing.

2. Imagination Process – contemplating possibilities with discernment.

3. Visualizations Process – focus visualization on possible creations.  

4. Creation Process – bringing desires of the soul into manifestation.

5. Validating the Truth – to discern what is a Truth and what is not a Truth.

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Audio and Recording Capabilities

When a soul is recording every moment of its conscious state of being, the soul is also analyzing the moments. If factual information is received and perceived to be truthful, the Conscious Mind will record the accurate information as a Truth and file that Truth into the Subconscious Mind. Like a video/audio recorder, the conscious mind records every moment experiencing, filing the data into the Subconscious Mind for future recall.

The soul can believe something is a Truth when in reality, it is not a Truth. For example, the Catholic Church in the 18th Century taught that the Earth is flat, and those who believed sinned. When a soul is experiencing a new activity such as swimming, an accident may occur, causing the soul to be afraid of water. This fear is recorded in the Subconscious Mind as a Truth as the soul believed they would drown.

The Prayer can immediately remove these Fears to Remove Emotional Parasites. Like a video/audio recorder, data can be deleted immediately. When recalling a previous event, such as having breakfast the day before, the soul can identify where they ate breakfast. The soul can also remember who fixed the breakfast, how the breakfast tasted, how they felt about the facilities’ atmosphere and did they communicate with anyone, did they enjoy themselves, and will they return and do it again.

Imagination Process

During the Creation process, the soul is consciously unaware of how they manifest. The soul’s first action is to create a desire out of responsibility or satisfy a sensual need. The soul uses its Imagination Process as a tool to determine the best possibilities before the soul creates a manifestation. The soul also uses discernment during the Imagination Process to counter any delusionary thoughts. Once the desire is identified, the soul analyzes the desire and the practicality of it to be created.

Visualization Process

The Visualization Process is almost the last process before the soul-making the commitment to bring his visualization into manifestation. After the soul has created the desire to manifest, whether motivated by responsibility or sensual satisfaction, the soul will use their Imagination Process to play with all the possible outcomes to their creation.

The soul will playfully visualize all possibilities until the soul “Feels” the correct option. As the soul goes through the Visualization Process, using the Third Eye, the soul will “FEEL” the visualization they plan to bring into manifestation.

Creation Process

In the Creation Process, the soul becomes aware of the desire within themselves and uses discernment to determine the feasibility of their possible creation. Continuing to the Imagination Process, the soul imagines all the possibilities of fulfilling their desire.

Feeling the correct path to pursue, the soul decides on the right scenario they “FEEL” satisfy in pursuing. With the final visualization in their Third Eye and feeling optimistic about a successful manifestation, the soul will commit its energy to the Subconscious Mind by verbally committing its power to bring this creation into manifestation.

Validating the Truth

The soul before coming to Earth was guided by The Heart of God, same as the other God Kingdoms – Plant, Insect, Animal. Through life experiences, the soul uses Free Will to determine what is true and what is false. Once the soul believes they have learned a Truth, the Truth in then stored into the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind does not revalidate the information sent to the Subconscious Mind by the Conscious Mind. It has already been validated as a Truth. Once stored in the Subconscious Mind, the Truth becomes part of the soul’s Light Body. 

All souls are being trained by Universal Mind to have Life Experiences for the sole purpose of learning Truths in becoming a Co-Creator God.

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