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The Zodiac, in Western Astrology, is a group of 12 constellations. Each constellation has a group of stars with their own characteristics and influences the soul with these characteristics. When the soul’s time of birth is within a constellation, that constellation has a major effect on the character of the soul.

12 Houses Of The Soul’s Astrology Wheel

12 Houses Of The Soul’s Astrology Wheel

All 12 constellations will be assigned to a particular Astrology House of the soul. The characteristics of that constellation will influence the life experiences of the soul. The characteristics of the Sun, Moon, and planets of the Solar System will also affect the life experiences of the soul.

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At the exact time of birth of the soul, the Sun was in one of the 12 Constellation of the Milky Way Galaxy which was orbiting the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. The characteristic of that constellation relates to how the soul will experience life and express their individuality.


effect of moon on astrology

At the time of birth of the soul, the Moon was in one of the 12 constellations that the Solar System was traveling through on the Solar System’s journey around the Milky Way Galactic Center. The characteristics of that constellation will represent the soul’s emotional side, their feelings, intuition and memories.


The Planets at the time of birth of the soul will be in different constellations of the Milky Way Galaxy as the Solar System orbits the Galactic Center. The characteristics of the constellation, and the characteristics of the planets, will affect the life experiences of the soul as it relates to which Astrology House the planets are located.

Sun in Aries – ♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the newborn consciousness. Natives of this sign often retain qualities associated with youth–such as innocence and naivete– throughout their lives. Like an infant, Aries is conscious only of his or her own needs. These people demand immediate satisfaction of their needs and will throw “temper tantrums” if they don’t get it.

This may seem very selfish but look again. Also like a child, Aries is quick to reward those who serve them with warm smiles and special favors. They are not even aware that they are causing any inconvenience to anyone. And this innocence serves to mask his or her aggressiveness.

Again, like a baby, Aries people seem to be fearless but are in fact very vulnerable. Even after getting burned these people will forget the hurt and go back to try again, always believing that this time will be different. What you see is what you get with Aries, and the only “smooth” thing about them is their ability to handle a crisis unruffled. They will be outspoken and honest with you, and they are also willing to fight for what they believe in. But you may never see them shed a tear; they’d rather die than be caught being “weak” (especially the men).

The Ram is also endlessly optimistic, daring and enterprising. Often he or she feels committed to some mission in life, usually supporting the underdog or promoting social change. They can be very effective in such endeavors because they won’t let anyone stop them from attaining their goals. The lesson for Aries is to realize their personal goals and also cultivate some humility and diplomacy (like someone else who is believed to have been born under the sign of Aries–Joan of Arc).

Another challenge for Aries is to learn to use love wisely. Instead of using others’ love in return. This is the point where the baby grows up, leaving behind the egocentric and demanding infant.

Most Aries receive a head injury at some time in their lives, usually incurred as a result of their own rash behavior. Physically, problem areas include the knees, stomach and skin. He or she may also be subject to dental problems, migraine headaches and kidney diseases. Natives of this sign should definitely avoid alcohol. for you to manipulate them to serve you, give love to others selflessly, expecting nothing.

Sun in Taurus – ♉Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

Natives of the sign Taurus are well known for their stubbornness. Like their symbol, the Bull, they are slow to anger but can be quite violent when aroused. Then after they’ve kicked up their heels and charged at you a few times, they go back to grazing peacefully in the pasture. Taurus jealously guards his or her tranquil environment and will brook no interference.

Since it is an earth sign, Taurus natives usually have their feet planted firmly on terra firma. They are practical and stable people, but they will not hesitate to spend money extravagantly on the finer things in life and will insist on the best of everything. They appreciate art objects, good music, fine wines and beautiful surroundings and are willing to pay for them. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, it is also the sign of love. Taureans are romantic, affectionate and sensuous, and they are fiercely protective of their mates.

It is not easy for Taureans to undergo radical change in their lives because they usually resist. But once they decide to change directions, they adapt very well to their newfound goal and can apply themselves effectively. One of the major lessons that Taureans must learn is to cooperate with the changes taking place in their lives rather than fighting them.

Many Taureans go on to succeed in life, partly because this is the only way they can live the lifestyle they prefer. They are not likely to be impulsive gamblers in life but instead plan their endeavors well. Most Taureans are social animals and get along well with most others. Why not? They are naturally graceful, charming and interesting people.

Sun in Gemini – ♊Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

Like the Cheshire cat which Alice encountered in Wonderland, Geminis are very unpredictable and constantly changing. The sign is ruled by Mercury, and the metal of the same name is also known as Quicksilver. If you’ve ever tried to grab a ball of liquid Mercury, you can understand how elusive Geminis are.

The Gemini personality is ever-changing, and it may seem as though there are at least two people inhabiting his or her body. Geminis seem to buzz with energy and are constantly on the move, usually handling several different projects at once. They need variety and change in their life, and they should never choose an occupation which involves redundant or repetitive work. Natives of this sign love to communicate and probably talk a lot. They enjoy intellectual discourse, are often masters at debate, and are usually well-informed and well-read. They often have a talent for and a desire to write. Open communication is very important to them in their relationships.

The older they get, the younger Geminis seem to grow. They never lose their impish smile and youthful attitude toward life. And they often get along quite well with children. Like a child, Geminis do not often engage in introspection. It takes a drastic situation to get them to sit down and probe their own motives. Geminis are often more aware of others’ inner workings than their own.

Geminis have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and take great delight in new discoveries. They also enjoy traveling and can learn a great deal from journeys to other parts of the world. Since they do like to chase all the lovely butterflies that fly past them in life, they can often be unreliable and have a problem meeting commitments. In fact, Geminis find such responsibility to be somewhat scary. There’s always something newer and more exciting just around the next corner.

Sun in Cancer – ♋Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

Natives of this sign are known as “moonchildren,” and their wildly fluctuating moods seem to coincide with the phases of the moon.  As with all water signs, there is a tremendous depth of emotion with Cancer.  In times of sadness or despair, you may retreat into solitude just as a crab retreats into its shell.  At other times, you can display another trait of your namesake–crabbiness.

Cancer has a natural desire to understand its emotional make- up.  You engage in self-directed psychoanalysis, striving to feel every detail of life.  This is Cancer’s purpose in life–to learn to love, trust and accept all that life offers.  No sign feels so intensely as Cancer, although this may not be obvious to others.  You may set up defenses against being hurt, such as shyness or reclusiveness.

You have a strong need for security, and a comfortable home environment is of utmost importance to you.  The security you seek can be found in the knowledge that you are unconditionally loved.  You also like to surround yourself with mementos and other reminders of your past.  You use your resources wisely, knowing that to waste not is to want not.  Like other water signs, Cancer can be manipulative.  You never go directly for something (or someone) you want, but once you have it, you will never let it go.  Cancer can exercise artful control of feelings–his or her own or those of others.  The Moonchild truly needs to be needed and can provide loads of nurturing and mothering in return.

The threat of becoming emotionally vulnerable in relationships can dissuade Cancers from falling in love.  But once they make the big leap, they become very protective of their loved ones.  But be careful not to become a “clinging vine” in relationships.  Anyone who is strongly independent would feel smothered by your love and would try to break free.

You can be very secretive, and few people will ever witness an outpouring of your deepest, darkest feelings.  Yet others will unload their secrets on you and seek your compassion and understanding.  You may even have a talent for healing or a green thumb with plants.

Physically, Cancers are more vulnerable to injuries or illness in the chest region, the head and face, knees, and skin.  Other trouble spots are the stomach, digestive system, kidneys, and bladder.  A strong sense of optimism will do wonders for their health.

Sun in Leo – ♌Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

The catch word for Leo is “ego.”  This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead.  Just be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality.  Remember that others also need a chance to shine.  Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for you as well.

Leo can be a warm, loving and charming kitten but can turn into a ferocious lion when threatened, angered or hurt.  They are extremely loyal and generous with their friends and love partners and can be very affectionate.  This can be considered good or bad, depending on the partner.  Sometimes Leo needs to remember that they can give out too much love and affection.  Some people are not prepared to receive love as freely as Leo.  Allow your friends and lovers to express their love for you in their own way, even if it is not so lavish as you would like it to be.

Leos carry themselves with dignity and convey an air of regality.  They don’t like to have their ability or authority questioned.  As a matter of fact, the best way to tame the lion is to flatter him or her.  Vanity is Leo’s one weak spot, and the lion can become downright arrogant.  Physically, Leos are prone to sudden accidents, high fevers and chronic diseases.  Particular areas of weakness are: the heart, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, throat and reproductive organs.

In relationships, you need to be given freedom to be who you are.  Anyone who cannot understand this about you will most likely lose you as a friend or love partner.  Just remember, you must also grant the same freedom to others.

Sun in Virgo – ♍Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

This organization demonstrates the most common characteristic of Virgo: orderliness.  There is some explanation for those who do not fit the bill; either other aspects in their chart outweigh this Virgo energy or they are so overloaded with it that they short circuit, rejecting it all.  Often those who are incredible neat-niks will deny it, protesting that “My house is always so dirty.”  They are their own worst critic.

As a Virgo you are a great organizer and are particularly good at paying attention to details.  You are very methodical and fastidious in every project you undertake.  The only danger here is that you can overdo it by becoming too critical.  It is also possible for you to get so caught up in unnecessary details that you fail to see the larger picture.  You tend to be shy and modest, and you age very gracefully; you often appear to be younger than you are.

Virgos are socially gracious and are repulsed by vulgar behavior.  Their eyes reflect their intelligence and clarity of thought.  They usually dress very meticulously and often conservatively.  Virgos have a healthy respect for personal hygiene and good health practices.  They reap a great deal of personal satisfaction from serving others, and many born under this sign become nurses.

While you are quick to point out the flaws in others, it is not so easy to admit those in yourself.  You are sincere and dependable in your relationships with others, and you appreciate practicality, punctuality, prudence and discrimination in others.  Pressure from hard work can affect your health, and you have a tendency to worry.

In relationships you go to great lengths to please your lover and value a mate who knows what pleases you.  You prefer a lover who is physically loyal to you and would be more comfortable in a stable, long-term relationship.  Be careful not to be too sensitive, though; what you perceive to be neglect may only be an oversight on your partner’s part.  Also be careful not to smother your mate with love; be sure to allow them the space they need apart from you.

Sun in Libra – ♎Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

Although the symbol for the sign Libra is the scales, Libras seldom achieve balance.  Like the scales, they dip first to one side and then the other, always seeking equilibrium but rarely finding it.  They are very concerned about justice and doing what is right, yet their idea of what is right may change radically along with their moods.  Libras pride themselves on their sense of social grace and prefer to hang around others who are similarly inclined.  They love to surround themselves with beauty and prefer a peaceful, tranquil environment.  Their voices are melodic and soothing, and they are very charming and romantic.  Libras are usually physically attractive, and this ensures a wide choice of potential lovers.

Libras love to fall in love, and much of their time will be spent thinking of romantic matters.  Yet many Libras have difficulty finding satisfaction in love because they are constantly weighing and balancing their partner in comparison to their ideal, which is very hard to live up to.  They often allow themselves to be too guided by “ought’s” and “should” when judging a partner’s desirability.  Since they are so socially conscious, their partner must be an asset to them in the social arena.  They would not tolerate crass or vulgar behavior from their mate, especially not in public.

It is often difficult for Libras to express what they consider to be negative emotions, such as anger, hatred, jealousy or intense desire, for such is contrary to the peace of mind they seek.  Similarly, Libras don’t like to admit that there are actually people they don’t like.  It’s not polite or courteous.  They will usually greet everyone with a smile, even those they can’t stand.  So Libra’s emotions are frequently repressed, which can result in resentment and alienation.

Libras seek a relationship which will allow them to grow and develop; they will be bored with anything less.  They have a strong desire for change and as a result may seem unstable to many people.  If the lines of communication are open and their partner is sufficiently stimulating, they can build a model relationship.  Otherwise, they will jump from one to another, learning to relate by trial and error.

Sun in Scorpio – ♏Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

Scorpio is the most intensely emotional of all signs, but you rarely see any outward evidence of the smoldering volcano within them.  They are masters at self-control and can usually maintain a cool exterior; but when the volcano finally blows its top, the explosion is quite violent.  Scorpios are well known for carrying grudges for generations and for planning revenge for wrongs done against them by others.  Yet they are also famous for their psychic abilities and healing talents.  They also have a reputation for being possessive, jealous and suspicious in their relationships.

Despite their calm exterior, Scorpios are very sensitive emotionally and are easily hurt.  But rather than running away to hide, Scorpions are likely to strike back when attacked.  They have such a tremendous depth of feeling that it often scares them.  If you look into a Scorpio’s eyes, you can see the intensity in their gaze–it seems as though they can see into your very soul.  And they are likely to tell you what they see, whether you ask their opinion or not.

One of the greatest lessons for Scorpio to learn is tolerance.  This sign is high on compassion and sensitivity, but persons born under this sign can readily see and are impatient with the weaknesses in others.  Scorpios also will not tolerate superficiality.  They look for depth in all aspects of their lives.

Natives of this sign have a profound appreciation for deep, hidden secrets.  And their own private lives are also kept secret from the general public.  Others often consider them to be loners, but in reality, they are just discriminate about who they admit to their inner circle.  When they love someone, they throw themselves into it completely.  Ditto when they hate someone, and there is rarely a gray area in between for Scorpio.

Sexually, Scorpios are intensely passionate (the sign itself rules orgasmic sex).  In relationships they must avoid manipulating their partner, for they will always want to be the one in control.  Once they find the right mate, their relationship will be a very emotionally intense one, even though most people won’t know it.

Sun in Sagittarius – ♐Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

Sagittarians have a strong need for freedom and self-expression.  Ruled by Jupiter, the mythological King of the Gods, you love adventure, travel, exploration, flirting, gambling, and–most of all–truth seeking.  You are constantly looking for new opportunities to accomplish your goals in life, and for this reason you are not likely to miss much.  Just be careful that your optimism does not swell into over- confidence and laziness so that you sit back and do nothing as chances pass you by.

You pursue your personal and professional goals with great vigor, but are quite likely to get distracted along the way when something (or someone) else seems more interesting and challenging.  Sagittarians are well known for being socially active–even promiscuous.  This is especially true for the men, who take on the womanizing qualities of Jupiter himself.  Natives of both sexes are usually attractive and well-dressed, and they have a knack for setting new fashion trends.

In your relationships with others, you are frank and honest, sometimes brutally so.  It’s not that you mean to be, but not everyone can take so much raw truth at one time.  You enjoy physical activity and can grow restless without it.  You have little regard for customary social etiquette and prefer to behave in a nonconventional manner.  Existing rules of conduct are no more than a charade to you, and you refuse to play.  You thoroughly enjoy socializing with your friends, but they must learn to take your blunt outspokenness.

Just like their ruler, Jupiter, Sagittarians can have a very nasty, thunder-and-lightning kind of temper.  But once the storm passes, they return to their sunny selves; they don’t hold grudges like Scorpions.  In fact, they can be very philosophical about such outbursts and quickly identify a higher meaning to them.  In fact, Sagittarians always look for a deeper meaning behind everything.  They continually ponder over the secrets and great mysteries of the Universe.

Romantically, you seek a long-lasting and deep relationship.  You must have a special close intimacy with your partner that transcends sex.  Although you may spend your youth being somewhat promiscuous, in the long run you realize that casual sex is not satisfying to you.  It is important that your lover help you grow rather than try to limit you.

Sun in Capricorn – ♑Capricornus (Goat): December 22–January 19

You are highly ambitious and have a deep respect for those who have preceded you to the top of the mountain.  You don’t expect success to be handed to you on a silver platter and are willing to work hard to get ahead.  You have incredible stamina and perseverance in the pursuit of your goals as well as the patience required to achieve them.  Your ascent to the top will be steady and measured, and you will plan well for your future.

It is said that Capricorns often marry for economic gain or social advancement, and in a way this is true.  They see great practicality in such a union, and their partner’s ability to provide the material security that they need is definitely a big plus.  But they are not cold and calculating gold diggers looking for someone to exploit.  They are just naturally attracted to people who are economically secure and socially well connected.  This is usually because they themselves are (or aspire to be).  It is also important that their mate be respected by others; they do indeed care what other people think of them.

In relationships you are a very dependable partner.  It is also very important that you respect your partner and that they respect you.  You have big plans for your life, and you need a partner who is of a similar mind-set.  You take life and your responsibilities very seriously, and you could not tolerate a frivolous lover.  In fact you are far more likely to hoard your wealth than to squander it.

As a child you were probably weaker or more sickly than other kids and became stronger and healthier as you matured.  Capricorns often have sensitive skin, allergies or nervous rashes.  Many also experience stomach problems in reaction to certain foods.  The knee caps, joints and bones are particularly vulnerable areas, and broken arms and legs are common at some point in life.  Other possible problem areas are the kidneys and migraine headaches.  Be sure to get lots of exercise and exposure to fresh country air.  And be careful to relax a little in order to avoid “worrying yourself sick.”

In many ways Capricorns improve with age, and they usually grow old quite gracefully.  Even as a child their eyes reflect a sage like wisdom that is serious but not somber; this is their calm, patient acceptance of life’s failures and disappointments.  Often not allowed to be children when young, they are forced to mature early.

Sun in Aquarius – ♒Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

When the moon is in the seventh house, And Jupiter aligns with Mars,

Then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius . . .

This is a song from the rock musical Hair.  That play and the change in consciousness of that period reflect the qualities of Aquarius: individuality, humanitarianism, freedom and brotherly love.  Indeed, Aquarians go through life with one foot in the future, and many have been inventors or futuristic writers.  Often misunderstood by their peers, they may seem eccentric or spacey.  They love to fly in the face of tradition (and maybe even authority), and are very impatient.

Aquarians believe in dealing with others truthfully.  But this is a gray area with natives of this sign–not telling all the truth is much different from telling an outright lie.  Whether they like you or not, Aquarians will deal with you fairly and honestly.  They practice their belief that all beings are equal.  Yet, being a fixed sign, they can be enormously stubborn and strongly opinionated.  They may even become intellectual bigots, looking down upon those who are not highly developed intellectually.  Even though Aquarians will denounce discrimination, they do indeed have their own special prejudices–but they will be different from society’s norm (in other words, based on something other than race, creed, sex, etc.).

Aquarians can seem distant and aloof to their loved ones, who may feel as though they are being examined under a microscope or dissected.  This is only the Aquarian’s effort to achieve objectivity by constantly scrutinizing everything about life.  Actually, Aquarians are very understanding lovers; they tolerate others’ imperfections, and to others may appear to be a pushover in relationships.  But they do have a point beyond which they will not turn the other cheek.  Once this line has been crossed, the partner will have a hard time making amends.

In sex, you enjoy variety and inventiveness.  Under the right conditions, Aquarians are capable of sustaining open relationships, where both partners are allowed to maintain friends (or lovers) outside the main relationship.  Aquarians of both sexes would be most satisfied with a relationship in which both partners have equal autonomy.  Otherwise, Aquarius will feel trapped and want out.

Sun in Pisces – ♓Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

Pisces are well known for being sensitive, emotional and artistic.  Their mood changes like a chameleon to blend with those around them.  For this reason, it is imperative that their associates and immediate environment be of a positive nature.  Pisces is the sign most likely to cry at a sad movie.  Because you are so sensitive and compassionate, you tend to take on the problems of others.  You do all you can to avoid hurting others and often help them if you can.

At times it may be difficult for you to separate fact from fantasy.  You live in a semi-dream world, and you will retreat into your illusory world whenever the pressures of real life become unbearable.  You are prone to daydreaming (especially when you were a child).  Pisces are usually very shy, and this limits your ability to make friends easily.  Learn to be less concerned about what others think of you and concentrate on improving your own self-image.

Because of your genuine desire to help others, you are an easy victim for those who would abuse your kindness.  Be careful to surround yourself with people you can trust.  If someone disappoints you, you become bitter and hurt–and your tongue can develop sharpness and acidity.  Don’t let your mission of serving others turn into a mission of martyrdom.  There are always people who will take advantage of you if you let them.  Instead of being passive, learn to stand up for yourself more often.

Pisces is also the sign of the mystic.  They are either deeply religious (though not necessarily through an orthodox church) or have highly developed intuitive and psychic abilities.  Feelings of greed and competition are foreign to Pisces, who find such energies irritating to their sensitive natures.  As a result, they are usually not found in the dog-eat-dog corporate world–unless other factors in their charts give them this competitive edge.

In affairs of the heart, Pisces is devoted, tender, gentle and affectionate.  Since Pisces has so much love to give, others often misunderstand their motives and consider them to be “coming on” to them.  The truth is that Pisces is sympathetic and understanding of all others–not just their inner circle of loved ones.  Pisces is known for being evasive with others, but rarely purposefully deceptive.  The key word here is “purposefully.”  Often, they deceive themselves and therefore consider themselves to be quite truthful when others see them as deceptive.

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