Parasites – Creation of Fears, Unhealthy Thoughts, and Haunting Memories

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We know it is imperative to keep the body’s immunity system strong and healthy to protect us against all types of viruses, bacteria, cancers, and even parasites. We know, if we are not diligent in protecting ourselves, then diseases can invade our bodies.  We now know that the body’s Potential Hydrogen (PH) level is critical to balance the alkalinity and acid ratio. If we do not keep a balance between the Alkalinity and Acid level in the body, it will affect the health of the body. The disease can only survive in an acidic environment.  We can monitor the PH Level in the body with PH Strips.

There are spiritual parasites that affect the emotional expression of the soul when the parasite is activated. These parasites are extremely intelligent and will give the impression that it is a characteristic of the soul when activated. Still, in reality, it is the characteristic of the parasite acting out through the soul. When these parasites are activated, the soul believes it is a weakness; not knowing the soul is feeling is the activation of these parasites. These Spiritual parasites are all fears, haunting thoughts, and unwanted memories.

Here is how these parasites invade the body.  In no stressful life experiences, these parasites can not invade the feeling body of the soul if the emotional well-being of the soul is balanced and is at peace with itself. Suppose the soul is emotionally challenged by an unexpected threatening life experience or a threat from an authority figure. In that case, the soul’s emotional immune system is weakened, allowing these emotional parasites to invade the soul’s Light body, giving the soul the impression, the activation of these parasites is now a characteristic of the soul when it is the parasite expressing its nature.

The responsibility of the Conscious Mind is to observe and verify the information. When the Conscious Mind finds a truth, it stores the truth into the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind will store the data as a truth to be used later when recalled. The Subconscious Mind does not validate the information sent to the Subconscious Mind as the validation of the data is the responsibility of the Conscious Mind.

During a frightening life experience, such as an experience as learning to swim, the soul experiences an almost drowning experience. The soul’s immune emotional well-being is lowered, allowing an emotional parasite of Fear of Water to invade the subconscious mind of the soul and the soul’s Light Body.  Since the Conscious Mind believed there was a danger of drowning, it passed this drowning experience to the Subconscious Mind as a Truth. Now the parasite of drowning has invaded the Subconscious Mind and the Light Body of the soul, creating a Fear of water within the soul, limiting the soul expression of its true Spiritual Nature.

These emotional parasites are extremely intelligent and will convince the soul that they are afraid of the water. In reality, it is just the activation of the parasite, giving the impression that it is the soul who is scared of the water. The parasite believes it is their purpose to prevent the soul from spiritually developing.  The parasite also believes, if the soul removes the parasite, it will die. The parasites do not understand that all energy is transformed and never dies.

Regardless of the fear, unhealthy thought, and haunting memories, the same scenario is repeated for each of the different fears, unhealthy thoughts, and haunting memories. Governments, religious organizations, teachers, and parents create these parasites as truths in the Consciousness of souls. Then the soul will accept these parasites in their Subconscious Mind and Light Body as a Truth. In the early 1800s, the Catholic Church taught that the Earth was the center of the solar system. Any member of the Catholic faith and did not believe this to be true would commit a mortal sin and die, would not go to heaven. The thought of Sin is also an induced parasite to limit the spiritual growth of the soul.

In this Spiritual Training School, corrupt governments create wars to control the people and create fears to limit their spiritual development. Viruses are manufactured, again to keep the people in fear. Parents disciplining their children will use fear tactics or intimidating words to keep them in a fearful control environment.  Words like you are lazy, too fat, too thin, irresponsible, motivate their children, which causes these emotional parasites to take root. Archangel Lucifer’s role is to create an environment where souls must overcome all obstacles to ascend in this Spiritual Training School.

The technique to remove these parasites can be performed in seconds with the ‘Prayer To Remove Emotional Parasites‘. These parasites can be removed, similar to removing a bad photo from your camera or IPHONE.

The comprehension on how this prayer works has taken a journey of thirteen years to bring it to the public with full knowledge of the mechanics of the process. It started in 1999, with a journey to work with the shamans in Peru and a vision received during one of the drinking ceremonies of the Ayahuasca. The vision received was of a golden filament Light Body with glob substances on various golden filaments. The globs are preventing the Light Body from vibrating at a higher frequency. These glob substances are unhealthy thoughts and feelings and haunting memories. In 2012, during a spiritual conference, Thoth the Egyptian God taught placing the hands, activating the feeling, and using the words to remove the unhealthy thought or feeling. Then the Arcturians, who are 7th Dimension Beings and Masters of the Emotions, explained in meditation that fears, unhealthy feelings, and haunting thoughts are parasites.

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